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Pay Off House vs. Living A Bit


With Dave Ramsey slanging books from here to Singapore, paying off your mortgage is sexy.  Its smart.  Responsible.  Facilitates options of career changes or retirement.  No mortgage payment is a game changer. 


House poor is no fun.  Scrimp on vehicles, eating out and fancy clothes.  Those are all “things" not necessities.  But splurge on vacations and road trips. Memories last a lifetime.  Your kids will remember that trip to be beach more than a fancy SUV. 

Happy medium

Set your mortgage up on a 15 Year Term.  Just tell yourself… “if we can’t afford the payment on a 15 Year Term, then we can’t afford the payment. “  Redefine your standard of mortgage payment.  Set your monthly budget off that 15 Year payment.

30 Year Mortgages are by far the most popular. But principle is paid down at tortoise pace.  Think Shaq running a marathon with Spud Webb piggy back. Accelerate that to 15 years and live a little along the way.