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No Appraisal Loans Return

The return of No Appraisal Loans (a.k.a. Property Inspection Waivers) is looming.

Fannie Mae recently announced that on December 10th, the flood gates are opening.

Who will qualify?

-700+ credit scores

-sub 45% Debt to Income Ratios

-property located in solid area (sorry Algonquin… much love homey)

Why are PIW’s BAD ASS?

-they save you $450ish on an Appraisal.

-you can eliminate your PMI. Maybe you bought a home in past 5 years and STILL paying PMI. This no appraisal Refinance will effectively allow you to “state” your Appraised value. Which if you have a jazzy inside guy like me, we can “strategically” state your value at 80%, thus eliminating that pesky PMI. Insert your Garth Brooks friends in low places joke here.

-kill 2 birds with one stone. Lower rate and eliminate PMI. Multitasking is cool.

What to do?

-hit me up via email at

-or if you prefer long idle awkward pauses in phone conversation 502-396-1375